Monday, 16 July 2012

Fun Food for Toddlers

If you have a fussy eater like I do, you will do anything and everything to make a meal look fun, just so they will look at it. With Superkid, the cooler it looks, the more she will consider eating it, which is a bonus for me considering I spend most days chasing her around in a circle, popping food in her mouth while she plays, no joke.

Since Pinterest has come about, I have started a board for Superkid where I keep lots of cool food ideas, so far I have tried three that I will share with you today but I have lots more so keep checking back. Of the three I chose, two are super easy and one is more of a treat for a special occasion. Here they are:

This little caterpillar friend was the first fun-food I ever made (not this pic exactly). Superkid giggled away as she picked apart her snack which is stuck together by peanut-butter!

Next up is this super cute Teddy Bear! This takes only a minute or so to prepare but it will make for a very happy toddler at breakfast time. Use whole wheat toast and some organic peanut-butter and this is a very healthy teddy :)

Last up is a cute meal for a special occasion, we chose Easter and made lunch an egg hunt. Inside each egg were mini sandwhiches, goldfish cracker, fruit and rasions. Superkid thought this was great and finding the eggs was the best part. You could try this for other occasions too, like a Birthday. Have fun with it, be creative and try your own fun-food creations. Keep a look out later this summer for some more Toddler food fun posts.

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